Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Nah...chianti should be served neither at room temperature, nor straight from the fridge. Maybe Tom had it closer to true than I (still!! NO MIXING WATER with wine!!).

It's just that I only have a glass or two a month so I sort of savor that moment, you know? The kids are asleep, I just want to chill on the couch and find something on our only clear rabbit-ears station, ABC. That's a challenge most days, since NBC still seems to have the goods when it comes to enjoyable programming. But, there's The Nanny or Wife Swap--"Reality" TV on A-B-C.

I just can't justify throwing tens of tens of dollars away on monthly cable when we only turn the TV on at most 5 hours a week. So for 20 hours a month (or less) I pay $1 per hour (or more) to watch nothing enriching. Now the appleTV/iTunes options are more & more appealing every day. Especially the new iPhone. I WILL have one. Yes, oh yes. It is a work of ART! Beautiful to behold.

But back to wine. Or, was I WHINING!?

Gotta go. Dh is calling.

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