Monday, January 29, 2007

Living Near the Capitol

It was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend--we went into Washington. EVERYthing was delayed in our commute b/c of hoards of Bush protestors everywhere we went—my friend & I remarked at the uniformity of those we saw on the Metro. Clearly any AGE group was welcome, but the dress & hair code was HIPPIE top to toe. Dreadlocks, ponytails (male or female, or course), batik prints, skull cap hats, signs pinned to jean was quite intriguing to us. My husband thought it was a flashback to the 60’s as if we’d fallen into a time warp. I think that today’s hippies are more hippie than their predecessors b/c they are trying so hard to imitate them—they go over the top in their efforts. It was like Woodstock had opened up on Independence & Constitution Ave...and anywhere the Metro reached. We saw protestors all day (from our arrival at 4-ish until well after 10), but apparently the march had begun many hours before we arrived in the city. It was kind of thrilling to know we live so close to that kind of political energy—no matter which side of the aisle they represent.

Really? I love being a NoVA resident. My son has been into DC four times so far & is quite pleased.

We went to the National Zoo when my mom was here—it was a COLD day (windy, really), so we were bundled...but not enough to last too long. We had an almost EXCLUSIVE Panda experience—it was marvelous!! The mom, dad & baby were all out—the sun was high even though the temp was low. The zoo is free, of course, but parking is NOT ($12!!). Anyway, we’ll go again in better climate—maybe spontaneously on a spring-like day. We had one of those Saturday, but not enough time to zoo it.

His other two trips into the city were to see the National Tree at Christmastime. There were some model trains running nonstop in several displays at the base of the tree--one circled the tree, but others were to the sides. He could have stared at those train displays for ten hours, I think. After an hour and a half, it was hard to pull him away. Trains. I wonder if this fanaticism will payoff with an engineering scholarship someday!

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