Tuesday, January 16, 2007


"What happened to my glass of wine?" I asked after having tucked my son, finally, into bed.

Tom answered, "Oh! I...uh, I added some water & was drinking it."


"Here! You can have it!" He held out a short plastic cup with two ice cubes clanging around inside. I couldn't help but almost feel nauseous.

"No! You don't put ice into a glass of chianti & serve it with water! It should be at room temperature!"

"I find it refreshing," he said sheepishly. I just stared at him in shock.

"Here, I'll heat it up in the microwave for you."

God bless him. Clearly, that was the WRONG answer.

The bottle is empty though, so I guess I wasn't meant to finish that glass of wine. Ah. My long heritage of restaurant professionals all roll over in their future graves. My apologies to Anja.

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