Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tyrannosaurus Rex likes pineapple?

There is wooden fruit scattered all over our house. If you walked in right now, you might wonder what had gone awry around here--so let me 'splain. We have been playing.

There is apparently a Cheetah who lives on our landing. He likes strawberries. Thankfully there is a gate at the base of the stairs which our resident zoo keeper has latched well, after having deposited the meal for the big cat. And on the futon, where two slices of peppers have been placed, there are some guinea pigs. A couple extra pepper slices have been tossed into the kitchen, where our T-Rex also had a hankering for a whole pineapple! In fact, a little dinosaur baby was born this morning by the kitchen cart--he has since been scooped up from his froggy-face bib of a mother to be better cared for by my son. I explained to him that nothing is better for a newborn than Mommy's milk. But he said the mommy died, so now he is going to nurture and care for the baby. He's force-feeding it kiwis & his own (ahem) milk. I disagree about this being the best first food for any baby--even a dinosaur.

So, this is how the wooden carrots ended up under the table & the cucumber slices under a chair. The rest of the fruits & veggies will, I'm sure, be well-distributed. We apparently have a lot of animals living in this house that I never knew existed until they were pointed out to me this morning by my intelligent son (who can see invisibles!).

Now, I must return to the game.

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