Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chubby Little Cubby

"I like Winnie The Pooh," said my boy, yesterday. He seemed to be thinking about it a bit more.

"He's kind."

Yes, yes, he is, I agreed. Winnie the Pooh is nothing if he isn't kind! We have one book where he gets an idea about how to rescue Piglet from a flood. That is kind.

My son continues, and warms my heart.

"I think he knows the Fruits of the Spirit."


That was Wednesday. On Tuesday, though, he had a night time talk with his dad that was reported to me thus...

"You would have loved to have had that conversation on videotape," my husband reported once he finally emerged from our son's room. I heard them talking to each other in there for quite a while, so I was certainly curious!

Our son had been showing my husband the illustrated card I had posted next to his bed with the text of Galatians 5:22 and (since he cannot read the words, yet), an icon for each word we are memorizing (as previously described in another post). He pointed to each and told his dad, "This is peace, and this is patience," and so on. He didn't remember what every icon meant, so his dad helped fill in the blanks. But when our precious boy got to the last one he said, "And this one is self-control. It's when I put my hands together like this," he gripped his hands tightly together, "And go like this," as he took a deep inhale, held his breath and exhaled slowly.

Man, oh man! It is so pleasing to know things are sinking in. I must say that since the two of us started memorizing Galatians 5:22 together, life has gotten more peaceful around here. I have a reference point when he gets angry (which is an allowable emotion, of course!), to guide him back to calm, rather than throw things, hit people, or glare at me with hatred. We talk together about whether it was kind to grab a toy from his sister's hands, whether it was patient to flip out when I asked him to wait just a moment, and whether he's being gentle when he hits Mommy in his anger. Mmmm. These are good questions for me to ask myself, too, when I hit the roof with impatience! Is it loving to expect my way to be followed over all others!? Is there peace in the house when I put my foot down?

The two of them went further with the conversation. "Sometimes Mommy gets angry, but she still loves me," he said. My husband, quick to level the playing field (thank you!) replied, "Sometimes Daddy gets angry with you, too, but I still love you, don't I?" To which he got a clear confirmation. "And sometimes you get angry at us, but we know you still love us, too. It's OK to be angry, but we also need to be good to each other."

Well, I think the answer is making itself clear: Choosing this path is improving our lives. Wonderful.

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