Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, HAL

Erase, erase, erase! Ever leave a voicemail message that makes you sound like a dolt, but you cannot erase it because it's on one of those OLD tape recorders, instead of a digital voice box? I have.

Erase, erase, erase! Ever post a blog entry that one week later seems sad, and you wish you could not only erase that day, but also the recording of it? HA! Me, too. Oh? You don't blog? Then I guess it's a blogger thing--you wouldn't understand. :-D

This weekend really wasn't so much better than last in some ways, but in others, monumentally improved! First, our computer spoke to us in questions yesterday. Questions like, "What disk do you want me to boot?" and "Huh? There's nothing there. Are you sure?" and "Are you crazy, people? I'm working overtime for you here. Can you give me a break?" It became worse than a really high-maintenance pet (ask me, I can tell you about high maintenance pets...can we say Guinea Pigs? Shadow the Big Ole Dog? Hermit crabs? Fish!?). Ok, ok...

Well, since I have been having sporadic losses of confidence in the integrity of our machine, I wasn't necessarily surprised by its HAL-like behavior yesterday, but as Tom & I spoke in private, I was concerned it might have been reading our lips through the iSight camera, so I closed the lens for safety as we discussed what wires were crossed and what hardware needed to be replaced. I STAYED UP LITERALLY ALL NIGHT to update all of my photo files from 2006 so they could be spun off into a DVD, and updated my address book (which many of you will remember got nearly anihilated last June), backing it up online via my iDisk. Whew. Thank the Lord for my MAC! We were able to resolve everything in 24 very long hours...or maybe 36. But, we were able to do it all at home.

HERE IS THE MIRACLE (if I haven't lost my dear readers, yet)!! Our children were cherubs all weekend!!!

I mean, here we were giving them our backs & shoulders ALL weekend, and they were content & joyful & actually BEAUTIFUL!! Makes me want to cut out little paper hearts for them & paste them all over the house!! Red, pink, white! Maybe with sparkles, even! Hey, I like that idea so much, maybe we'll just make it an event!! An all-day Monday Craft-Day event!! "I LOVE YOU," I'll write on each and every cut-out! "WILL YOU BE MINE FOREVER!?" :-D

Seriously, I hugged Logan & kissed his whole face, ears & nose to thank him. He more than earned his 20c allowance this week, so I told him he gets an extra KISS for a bonus! Mmmmmmm-wah!

Yay, kids. I love my kiddos. I adore my children. I still love my computer because I've been working on this Forgiveness Thing, but it was a struggle, Let Me Tell You! I considered converting to Technophobia. PAPER everything again! Let's go back to stone cold hard CASH, pull out the heavy paper address book, go back to corded "Kitchen Phones," and use our best penmanship (what is PEN-MAN-SHIP?) to stay in touch with friends and family again. Maybe I'll pick up a pen & WRITE out my frustrations in a leather-bound JOURNAL that takes up 2 inches of width on a bookshelf, again.

Well, there is Balance, afterall. Let's not go OVERBOARD here! (or...shall I?)

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