Saturday, March 31, 2007

After Dinner Pants

Fixed a nice flounder recipe, served it with corn, drank tea & Raspberry Emergen-C and then promptly went upstairs to "get more comfortable." I am still in this weird weight struggle between the once-was and the where-I-am--and summer is upon us soon, so I need to get back to the once-was before I have a completely useless piles of shorts daily mocking me.

But how, when we have just entered another season of change? In only two weeks our resurrected life in Hampton Roads will begin--and we'll have to put a lid on the hope & promise of being Northern Virginians--for now. It's all good--except for this thing called SUMMER and the other thing that accompanies summer, called a SWIMSUIT!

Ah, being a woman. Ain't it Grand!? It sure feels grand around my middle right about 6:30 every night.


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