Friday, March 09, 2007


Fifteen months old this week--and her personality is as constant as her beauty. She is a determined child on all levels--from her speedy delivery to the way, right now, that she is carrying around a box she found on our bedroom/office floor, taking it to each side of the bed & then using it as a stool to crawl up top. Such intelligence--and independence. My daughter is comfortable in her own skin--sitting beside me to stuff her wooden shape sorter with blocks, and not seeming to really care whether I am here or not. She sits near my feet more out of practicality of space than to be near me; Although I may be mistaken, since she is complex enough to appear one way but be processing so much more than I can see.

Her name means Beautiful, Little, Philosopher & Poet. I think it suits her perfectly! Our Teagan.

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