Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Winter of Face Plants

I have been comforted this winter by the familiarity of snow, sleet & ice. Living in Northern Virginia has, in just four months, given me back a core part of my being which I missed during our six years in Hampton Roads. While I eagerly anticipate visiting dear friends at The Beach this summer, I celebrated each and every snow day with my children this year. My identity is in the seasons.

However, it is my first winter to parent children in the snow. In that way, I came here unprepared. I didn't think we'd need snow pants, for example, because we are, after all, still Virginians! Oh, no, I won't make that mistake again. Snow pants are a must for snow angels, sledding and creating snow forts! And boots? Necessary for more than just warm toesies. They are also critical for proper traction!!

Logan decided, in February, to venture out the front door without his parents. Mind you, this was only moments after he had been asked to wait for us, because we were on our way out! In that half a minute he walked outside on the slippery sidewalk in his rain boots (Fire Engineer style), he had a very bad fall forward into the icy snow bank 12 feet from our front door. He rushed in screaming and bleeding--he had experienced his first official Face Plant and I wasn't even there to capture video for posterity!!

It looked painful to be sure. Daddy calls these his "Boy Bruises," but Teagan proved only a week ago that gender is no discriminator when it comes to face plants. In Teagan's case, however, it was one of our first anticipatory spring-like days. The sun was high and the crocuses were poking their little heads out, hoping this was the beginning of the next season. Logan was out the door ahead of us; Teagan stepped out next, and planted her Mary Janes squarely on my precious Crocus heads! So, I lifted her upsey daisy and moved her over two feet, to the top step; only, she didn't gain her balance! She toppled over head-first onto the concrete step below! FACE-FIRST! Her noggin was scraped badly, and so was her nose. Yes, there was blood. It was pretty traumatic for us girls, but we survived it (sweating the whole way through the hydrogen peroxide wash, anticeptic cream and terrorized screams!).

Well, both of our children are beautfully mended/mending and as Spring rounds the corner TOMORROW we will gracefully close the door on our Winter of the Double Face Plants! Next year I will know better.

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