Monday, June 04, 2007

Day Two: Bear With Me

I think it may have been WITHRAWAL! I was a bear today--really, a bear who needed to crawl into her den to hibernate for a while. If you disturb a bear who needs sleep, it is NOT a good thing. How about a bear who also is on sugar and caffeine withdrawal? Oh, and if you are the bear's little cubbies, do NOT maul her. Mauling a bear is never a good idea, but with a particularly cranky bear it is just plain wrong! I'd even call it dumb.

This is the good news: I did NOT succumb, in my weakness, to ice cream (which was in the freezer) or Coke (which was in the fridge) to try to soothe my mental aches & pains. NO! I ate salad, and broccoli and artichoke globes. I ate strawberries, and drank pomegranate juice! It's only Day Two, afterall, out of 1,095 days in my goal to reach age 40 in the best shape of my life! How can I give into the temptations on Day Two!?

BTW, does this sound anything like my Lenten struggles? Maybe this time I'll be able to go far beyond the 40 days (at which I failed miserably just a few months ago). I already feel that I am doing better in this goal than I did on that one. Still, I have 1,093 days to go, so I'm just hoping!.

Job 13:5
If only you would be altogether silent!
For you, that would be wisdom.

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