Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Days Three & Four: What I haven't done...

It's almost easier to celebrate the past two days by what hasn't taken place than what has. I have written down the moments when I made conscious decisions to not eat or drink something that I might have craved, and looking over the list I am astounded at how often I was popping sugar or wheat in my mouth before June 2.

Monday 6/4/07:
*Did not eat toast
*Did not put my Trader Joe's extra healthful hot dog option on a bun (although now that I think of it I wonder if that turkey dog was processed with wheat...they ususally are. Warning!!)
*Did not take even one bite of Logan's chimichangas or ice cream when we were out to eat with friends
*Did not order soda at restaurant; drank several glasses of water
*Ordered a salad with no cheese; opted for vinaigrette instead of Ranch dressing

Tuesday 6/5/07:
*Did not have an English muffin
*Stopped short of popping a coffee candy
*Tossed kids' leftover bread from our picnic lunch into the forest for the birds, instead of into my mouth for my hips
*Chose our picnic meal from the grocery store instead of using drive-through coupons
*When I had a sweet craving after mowing the lawn I chose frozen banana "coins" instead of eating a pint of sorbet, drinking a Coke, or downing a handful of chocolate chips
*Did not eat Sunflower Cafe's leftovers that contained wheat (spinach pie & curry TVP)


I chould pay myself a buck per success! ;-D OK, don't get too excited, this is only Day Four of how many?? 1095. I have 1091 to go!

On an encouraging note, this morning's news featured a gentleman who just ran for the 10,000th day in a row! He has run every day, rain, snow or shine, since 1979!! Click today's Title to link to the article on his unbelievable milestone.

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