Friday, June 08, 2007

Still going strong, though weak

Day Seven..feeling good emotionally & psychologically. Now if I can just get hydration to my HANDS all will be amazing!! I've tried every cream known to man--I think--that isn't a topical steroid (I used those years ago). Burt's Bees, Arbonne, Mary Kay, Ahava, Aquafor, Lubriderm, straight vitamin E... and a whole lotta other gunk, too. NOTHING works. Drinking more water, being wheat-free...I'm hoping this will solve my problem, but even 7 days in I am not seeing any improvement.

My uncle swears by Mangostene--drink a shot-glass full a couple times a day. I tried that for a couple weeks--didn't notice a difference. Maybe I didn't give it enough time.


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Jen said...

Have you tried Aveeno? It's fragrance free. It's one of the only lotions my hubby can use.