Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dietery Dilemma

Here are my nine reactive foods from the most recent test of Spring 2006:

Cow's Milk
Canola Oil
Brewer's Yeast
Baker's Yeast

Hey, who eats Quinoa every day? Or beets, cranberry or coconut? Those four are easy breezy, Man! And, when you cannot eat wheat, baker's yeast is almost eliminated (although it is, certainly, in non-wheat baked goods, too). I'm not one to slug beers back, either, so brewer's yeast is fairly easy to avoid.

Look, then, at those first three--wheat, cow's milk & canola oil. I double dare you to try it for ONE day. You'll have to read EVERY label on EVERY thing boxed, jarred or canned, though, because much to my dismay, I have just realized (after AGES of daily injestion) that RICE MILK (my salvation in dairy-free living) contains CANOLA OIL!!!

Retested on 6/19/07. Let's see what those results are. Waiting. PLEASE, PLEASE, let ONE of those three foods be OK again!! And, give my raw eczema the scapegoat of a new food on the chart as an old one falls off!!

No wheat means:
no pasta, no bread, no soy sauce (which contains wheat), most soups and sauces are out...in fact, it's hard to imagine until you start to read labels...

No cow's milk means:
No cheese, no butter, no yogurt or cottage cheese...

No canola oil? Well, Holy Toledo! That means many of my dairy & wheat substitutes are out the window. There are limited brands of chips that are baked without canola oil. Most butter substitutes contain canola oil. Most wheat-free cereals or baked goods use canola oil!

So, you ask, what can I eat? Oh, you know, the stuff that's good for me like fresh & raw fruits & veggies, lettuce and a tall glass of water.

Now, aren't you newly thankful for your life? Go--have a piece of cake for me to celebrate your health & top it off with two scoops of French vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a marachino cherry!! }:op

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Jen S. said...

Good grief, girl. I hope your new test results have about 5 less things on the list!!