Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hat. Wind. Blow. Gone. Sad.

Logan is not only conquering beginning reader books, now, but is sounding out everything in his environment--surprising me every day with words that prove a combination of sight reading & phonetic experience. Thrilling!! He read a four word sign at the grocery store that he had never seen before--it had no graphics on it to give away its meaning, and he completely conquered it!

And today he read a book all the way through--it's called "Scarecrow," (Grades: K - 2, Lexile Level: 600, Guided Reading Level: K), and we checked it out from the Reston Public Library.

I stooped patiently beside him in the parking lot after we checked it out, having already strapped him into his booster seat, as he read each page to me right there on the spot! There are 23 words from three to nine letters long, and he only needed help with three of them! GO Logan!! I am SO proud of you!

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