Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He led the others with a quack, quack, quack

A bit about my son.

At the Smithsonian National Zoo on Connecticut Ave in D.C.
Logan scaled the giant tomato in the Children's Farm--
a garden display demonstrates where the items on a pizza originate:
basil, corn, tomatoes--they grow to the side.
Beyond the garden, a play area with a wedge of cheese to slide down,
an olive to climb through, a full crust to balance around, some mushrooms and pepperoni slices to roll around,
and one massive tomato.
All are covered foam--great for jumping & tumbling on.

From his nightshade perch, looking down at the other children, Logan called out,
"Are there any ducks on this pizza? I don't hear any ducks!"
The five other children, looking up at him, regardless of age, began to quack
And quack
And quack.

Logan had just overheard one little boy finish off a song with his mom,
"He led the others with a quack, quack, quack."
He picked up on that theme,
and Logan led the children with a quack, quack, quack!

He became weary...bored of the quacking...he needed a change.
So he climbed atop the tomato, again:
"OK. Enough quacking. Shhhhhh..."
(quack, quack, quack)
"I am the director!" he called out, to which I gave him a look and a shake, "no," of my head.

I called him to my side, "Logan, you are not in charge of all these other children. Please don't be so bossy. Just have fun."

Logan knows his power, though, and as he remounted the red fruit (or is it a...vegetable!), he said,
"Are there any cows, here? Meow cows?"

Funny--"Meow Cows" is a reference to our Gaiam Yoga Kids DVD--the letter M, in the alphabet series, incorporates a cow/cat pose with outloud moo & meow. Interesting. The others began to moo.

Oh, yes, they did.
They moo'd, and moo'd, and moo'd
And occasionally quacked.

"Director" is right.

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