Thursday, October 11, 2007

HOOKED on blogs

Ahhhhh. I love my Mac, and I love Safari (browser). I have set up one little button that I click to bring up all of my bookmarked blogs at once in tabs across the window, and get to go immediately from friends Abby & Chris and Ainsley to strangers, Jess and Lois, among others. Dozens of others. OK, seriously? I dare not tell you how many others!

I do not go daily, I do not always leave comments, and I do not stay long at every one, but occasionally I get that very word I need to help me be a better mom, a better wife, a better citizen, follower of Christ, a healthier & all around more aware human being! What a wonderful advantage that comes from this shrinking globe--blogs, though viewed in solitary confinement, can connect us more to the world and community. I find myself inspired, often to action. I laugh to belly-aches or even get tears of sadness. I've always been a reader, and was highly resistant to electronic reading when e-books first hit the market. There has been a complete transformation in me to spend my private reading time staring at a glowing screen.

My paternal grandmother never went to bed without reading. One of the strongest visual memories I have of her is MiMi comfortably sunken into "her" chair, a short glass of something strong on the rocks beside her, her bifocals at the tip of her nose and an antiquated lamp glowing a seclusive circle around her as she read from a novel so thick I imagined only old people were learned enough or disciplined enough to so indulge. In fact, my maternal grandfather was fond of brick-weight novels, too, like Michener. I have taken on few, (typically 600 page "summer reads" long before I had children)--the challenge to complete that much text and remain as interested on page 900 as on page 9 is something I cannot afford right now.

I had five summers in a row with Maeve Binchy & Rosamunde Pilcher. Any suggestions on similar genre/style/length/subject?

Maybe when I hit 60 or 70 I'll have that luxury again? For now, though, give me a blog!! Or forty. No! Did I just say that? (The bookmarks are growing, but some are stagnant, so...they don't count).

Let me not be stagnant in this life! Reading keeps me moving, mentally, and spurs me on to improve my own "skills." I have skills. Yes I do!

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


Jess said...

Thanks for the link. I'm a blog addict too. Actually, this is my break week (I pre-wrote six posts so that I could take a blogging break), and here I am posting on your blog. :) All that proves is that I really need to be working on my self-control! :)


ModMomMuse said...

Since I am at home with my children for what is easily a 14 hour day, every day, solo, I really need my downtime, and reading/writing blog posts has become my "thing." It's better than other lures, in my opinion (mindless TV, eating chocolate until I ache, chatting on the phone endlessly, drinking! LOL). Still, my three hour blog session yesterday, during which I leaned some new html & updated my side links, was a little out of hand. Now, do I abstain for a few days? Hmmmmm. Not so sure that's possible. I may need intervention.