Saturday, October 06, 2007

Which Came First?

For me, it was the egg. About 12 years ago, I was given the food sensitivity diagnosis to eat NO EGGS. I managed. There is a good product on the market called Egg Replacer, and I was still able to make pancakes, bread, and other baked goods without too much of a hiccup, although I really missed scrambled eggs or huevos rancheros in the morning (later, eggs were OK, but wheat wasn't, so I'm still hankering for huevos rancheros wrapped in a moist & hot tortilla!).

Then the eggs finally came off my list, and NOW, in 2007, 12 years after first testing for food sensitivities, with flaring-up eczema and migraines, I have gotten the NEW list. CHICKEN!?!?! Chicken??? Now, that ain't pheasant...I mean PLEASANT!!

Here's a funny story. I was driving through the awesome mountains of West Virginia on my way, with the children, to visit their grandpa Joe in Kentucky for the first time, when we came around a sharp corner and found ourselves on a single lane right behind a chicken truck. The thing was stacked so high, & was so deep with crates, that I quickly sized it up to carry at least 900 live chickens. Nine hundred chickens crammed into small boxes, stacked and hauled to God-knows-where to be slaughtered, plucked & shipped off to your & my marketplace. Feathers were flying, the truck was swaying; I was already none-too-keen on cooped up chickens, and we always buy free range (vegetarian, hormone/antibiotic-free) eggs & meat, but the sight and smell (whee-whoo!) of these dirty birds turned my stomach and mind towards considering giving up chicken all together.

Now I have to.

Funny how things work out, huh? But, EGGS are ALSO on my list, again. So, goodbye to those poultry proteins for now...good thing the list of 12 didn't say TURKEY, with Thanksgiving just 6 weeks away!!

Here are several foods I never eat, which I have somehow developed a physical aversion to: kidney & pinto beans, coconut, cranberry, quinoa. They've come & gone from my list time & again.

Here are ones that have just, sadly, returned: eggs, tomatoes.

And these are nothing new: cow's milk (specifically casein, the protein in cheese), wheat, bakers & brewer's yeast.

So, including chicken, which is showing up for the FIRST time, I have 12 foods to avoid. Canola oil is OK again. yay. whee whoo. blah.

You should take this test! Or, are you too chicken?

kidney beans
pinto beans
baker's yeast
brewer's yeast

Count them--once again, twelve.

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ModMomMuse said...

Hey--here's a note from me about authenticity--
Twelve food sensitivies...that's NOT alright with me!!
I have wept tonight over this. My last test of 18 months prior showed 9 (down from 15), so I thought we were going in teh downward direction, not staying steady...

1995, 19 reactive foods
1999, 12 reactive foods
2003, 15 reactive foods
2006, 9 reactive foods (I was so happy! And, all +1's, only!)
2007, 12 reactive foods, including +3's & +2's!!

What's the point?!??!?!?!?!?

OK. That's just me, being authentic at 2 AM after having read every page (again) of the accompanying book that comes with the test results.