Thursday, December 06, 2007

First Snow

My babysitter arrived last night to give Logan & me a much-needed date night--our second in as many weeks. Last week I took him to Bee Movie, which he did not like, since the plot is based on Seinfeld's character breaking rules. I found myself sitting there, listening to Seinfeld's voice and waiting for a punch line, which never came, so when Logan started speaking far too loudly in the theater: "Wait a minute! He's not supposed to talk to humans! What is he doing? We have to get out of here. Is he going to have to go to jail? I want to get out of here, now!" I was OK with leaving. Well, am I supposed to teach my son that, yes, it's OK, he can break the rules--it will all work out in the end...? No! I went with Logan's righteous conscience, and we got our $17 back--which I applied toward the ticket at the ice-skating rink.

I love skating. I grew up in Northern Michigan & Connecticut, where ice is formed on seasonally man-made ponds with lights illuminating what would otherwise be a grassy island at an intersection. There is such a skating spot on the drive down Route 44 from Collinsville to Winsted. When those lights are strung up in front of a classic New England church near the first snow, it defines Connecticut's winter to me.

We got our first snow yesterday. Logan woke up, looked out the window and exploded with joy! I thought we were going to a cookie exchange gathering with other moms from my MOPS group, but once we got outside to clear off the car my neighbors discouraged me from attempting a drive into Fairfax, because the roads had not been treated, and there was horrible traffic. One had been out and back already; the other turned around just two miles into her commute (those two miles had taken her thirty minutes).

Well, we were dressed and ready to go somewhere, so we just added a couple extra layers and took an hour-long walk through the snow, instead. I prefer that, anyway, to being a wheat-free vegan at a cookie-exchange. Talk about torture!! I had baked some oatmeal raisin cookies (with buckwheat flour) to give my daughter and me a wheat-free alternative, but knew it would still be difficult to manage her desires for the colorful shapes around her. I wasn't really looking forward to that challenge.

This challenge was much more memorable, and a better contributor to my good winter spirit. We walked for an hour, got our toes as cold as endurable, and came home to get toasty with cups of tea.

Logan told me last night, on our date night at Silver Diner, that he loves winter the best. Ahhhhh: a child after my heart!

When we returned from our date, my sitter told me she doesn't mind driving in snow, or looking at it, but she doesn't like to be outside in it--in other words, she was grateful that I hadn't asked her to take Teagan out for a walk one snowy evening. Yikes! Who is this woman watching my children? Doesn't like snow?

I'm starting a new babysitter search.

Just kidding.


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