Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deep breathing

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Great day today--Monday, that is (I'm posting on Tuesday morning).

1) Teagan had pedi appointment at very AP-friendly* practice. Beautiful mobiles hung throughout every corner of the office and over the reception counter. Bookshelves were overflowing with books. There was CARPET (previous pedi was sterile, unfriendly & unwelcoming environment...reason for change). Oh, delight! I was so pleased.

2) We went to homeschool playgroup--one Mormon mom, one Muslim mom, others are secular & Christian. Delight! Kids played well (made big messes but host momma was fine with it), conversations were funny. Getting-to-know-you time was great. Not lots of homeschool talk, but that is fine as we all get comfortable with each other. Ahhhhh.

3) MINISTERED TO OTHER PEOPLE: one homeschool family is having trials with their son which include his needing to be temporarily hospitalized. This takes their guinea pigs' caretaker away, so we are stepping in to foster-with-an-adoption-option little Trixie (Bellatrix) and Mitzi. I had instant flashback to Tom's & my years before our babes when we had three piggies: Cocoa, Coffee & Hazelnut (we called them our Mocha Java Team). The kids were delighted--Teagan picked out the Abbysinian (Trixie) as hers. "My goo pig," she calls her. Well, this is an experiment. If all goes well with the care & feeding (& keeping CLEAN), then maybe Trixie can become her goo pig. Today, there was lots of petting. It was so calming. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

4) Logan had first Tae Kwon Do class--resisted a little bit of the authority from Mister Alex & Master Jake, but by end of one hour, he was bowing & grinning from ear-to-ear. He especially liked the RUNNING part. Kept looking up at me with big smiles & even gave me an "OK" sign as I signed I Love You through the glass. GOD IS GOOD!! And, greatly to be praised.

5) Salmon, cooked by my husband, for dinner, with a glass of Chardonnay!

6) SERVING MY FRIEND! I have a very dear friend who has a very big need. A mutual friend asked me to be part of a precious time of praying the Psalms for her--and in my first night of doing so, I kept N on my mind in so many hopeful and beautiful ways. Tonight, the same. We have known each other since 1987...that's 21 years!! I am so pleased to be able to intercede on her behalf with our Father in heaven. Mmmmmm.

Can't every day be like this one?

Well, no. Actually, I'd prefer not, because it was tiring by bedtime. But a very wonderful evening for dh & me, too, as we fell asleep with Logan between us. We love sleeping with the kids. It's so sweet, and will only last this short time. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe deeply. This is intentional living.


*AP=Attachment Parenting. This is not, necessarily, the way we parent. In fact, I am certain you can tell by this blogsite that we are far from attachment...but it is the mom I WANT to be most days. Gentle, patient, loving, nurturing, caressing, understanding, gracious...it comes down to letting children grow at their own pace, not rushing them. I nursed the children past the one-year pedi recommendation, for example, we sleep with the kids a lot (but not always, as most AP mommas/poppas do), we are naturally-minded, we carried the babes in slings, I gave birth naturally (unmedicated), we never let the kids "cry it out" as infants...anyway, that either muddies your understanding, or clarifies the acronym...for more info on AP read what Dr. Sears has to say.

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