Friday, March 07, 2008

The Future Mrs. Connecticut-America

Here I am circa 1974, modeling in an Easter fashion show. I remember that rabbit tucked under my arm. I also remember another show where we modeled nightgowns. We often got to keep items from our modeling wardrobe as payment for the jobs. I loved the whole experience--being with the older girls as they did makeup and hair behind the runway (oftentimes undressing with amazingly blase attitudes between outfits), walking with a friend holding hands in front of total strangers to show them the flowers on my dress or on my shoes. This copy was sent to me last year by a member of a family who used to babysit for my sister and me on frequent weekends. It has been in a scrapbook for over 30 years. Isn't that something? Who could have known I'd go on to model wedding gowns in my 20's, or end up competing for the Mrs. America pageant in Vegas one day!? Good grief!

Now, here's something highly ridiculous! Yes, here I am again a few months after that first shot. It's July 1974. What's with that teeny bikini that is both riding up & falling down? HA HA! Sweet innocence.

Fire the copy editor: I have NO BROTHER,;my last name is mispelled; the gal in the neighboring photo is my, uh, "brother," and her name isn't ANGA, it's Anja; and our mom's name is Lauri (no e) GIERLACH, not Sirlack! Ironic: Mom later worked for that an editor??

Now, here is Logan at his 3rd birthday party with his little buddy, Colin, born 3 weeks before Logan to the day. See any resemblance between Lo & me at four!?

Hope you get a little chuckle out of it.

I'm going to be 40 in two years, and suddenly I am reconnecting quite accidentally with people from the Wayback of my life. I'm now in touch again with my best childhood friend, Lynn, who is eight hours younger than I am. Our moms met at the hospital and we grew up down the street from each other: close enough, in the 70's, to walk to or bike for what were then not called "playdates," just for fun. It is wonderful to see photos of her again, and to reconnect.

Lynn used to model with me, but that isn't Lynn in the photo above--I think the gal's name is Becky (Lynn--is that right?)

I've also recently heard from a friend of 17 years back (hate that I can say, "Seventeen years ago..." Ugh!!) via an online alumni site. We are now facebooking it with some other old buddies. I love it! Why all this reminiscence!? And, I'm not even initiating it: Aunt ChiChi, the old babysitter family, my "riser buddy" from Continental Singers 1991...I have always hoped that I wouldn't end up being the initiator in all reunions of my life. It is so wonderful to be "found" again by these memories & these friends/family. YOU'VE GOT TO LOVE THE INTERNET!!

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