Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Writing 101..102?

Logan has been working with me on writing all of his letters & numbers on lined paper...

Above, the "g" in his name is still backwards...

I love how (above) he realized he could only fit "Lo" once he put his "L" down, so we thought it would be cute if he put a smiley face in the "O." We compared "g" and "q" so that he works on writing his name not as Loqan, but as Logan.

Notice, above, how his his lower case "g's" stem is turned in the right direction, since we'd worked on it in the previous lesson. Also, he added the capitol letter "W" for our last name. He was having "too much fun" with that number 5! He kept laughing and I was having the hardest time bringing him back to focus, but he finally settled into putting down a more clear "5."

We're going to keep working on his "N' because he tends to write it backwards. This day did not give that letter any practice, but as I recall he was impatient with the lesson, so I was fortunate to get anything on the paper, as you can see from the words that were not repeated in Logan's hand.

Logan really likes the letter "O," and "Q" is so easy once you know "O," so this one was kind of fun. He's decided, now, that he gets to put the check marks above the renderings that he thinks are good.

Putting all the letters we've been working on so far together in words (above). We have since also worked on letters "R," "S," "T" and the number 9. Sounds like a Sesame Street show: "Today's episode was brought to you by the letters R, S and T, and the number nine." (I haven't scanned them in, yet. Will wait till we've finished the penmanship lessons and repost with R-Z and more words). I was really excited to see him sign all the balls in the house with permanent markers recently...

If you look more closely, you should notice that I was actually asked to sign one, as if I were a Major League player and he were a fan--and notice how he copied the letters of LaCie on the promotional stress ball. Also, he chose to write Logan on most, but Lisa on one.

Hey! This is putting his learning to work. SO great!

In just a month he'll also start tossing some real baseballs around when he has his first T-Ball practice on a team. He is really excited!


Jen S. said...

Cool! Luke writes letters pretty well, but he still gets some backwards, especially N and J. I think that's normal for their age. And he is getting ready to start t-ball soon for the first time too! I'm nervous because he does not always do well with team things. But I'm hoping this might help him with that!

ModMomMuse said...


Logan has also been hesitant with team activities, but he's attended at least four minor league games, now, and since his aunt plays softball, and we've also watched her play, he's more turned on to baseball than anything, so I hope this will stick. He tried Tae Kwon Do and I was really hoping he'd stick with that, but he resisted it each week. He loves gymnastics, though, so we might just focus on baseball & gymnastics for now. I do NOT want to force him into a sport he hates, nor put too much on our it's a balance thing. You know! Wait till there are two in tow! ;-D

ModMomMuse said...
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