Saturday, March 29, 2008

{Yawn}....Oh! Excuse me, I was dozing off...!

60 Minutes (Lesley Stahl) recently (3/19/08) aired a phenomenal piece on The Science of SLEEP...

Part 1 (endure the embedded commercial, please--this video is worth your 13:02)):

Part 2 (12:28):

The enitre article is located at 60 Minutes-The Science of Sleep.

Of all the advice I've received over the years about my sleep habits (that is, my lack-of-sleep habits), this piece was the most convicting. I'm remembering Grandpa, who took a little cat nap every day--and how he lived to almost-89, and was very fit & healthy despite heart issues over the years. Were it not for his little snoozle, would we even have had him for so long? And, my "Graham," (who had the same sleep deprivation struggles as I do), left us far too early--after suffering an couple aneurysms in her brain. If she had slept better, might she have met our sweet Tea?

My cos in Florida & I were just discussing the genetic upset in our family from all of us identifying with the owls. None of us wakes easily, nor necessarily enjoys rising in the morning at all. If I could I'd sleep midnight to noon (or maybe midnight to 9).

According to CBS News, 51% of adults in America suffer from some symptom of insomnia. I am not alone! So, it is epidemic, according to this piece, and a serious threat to our health (accidents, diabetes, etc.). And only 30-31% of adults who are married with children think they are getting enough sleep (or, 69% do NOT feel they get enough sleep...). to rearrange my time/schedule/habits/routines to go to bed earlier, and benefit from a healthier mind? if Lent wasn't enough for Giving it Up, now I have to consider giving up my alone-time in the house in the wee hours...that is, if I want to LIVE long enough to see my children have their own children some day!!

Eat well. Exercise. GO TO BED!

There is a little evolutionary discussion in the first 2 minutes--but it is brief, and the point is this: there is a REASON why we need sleep, and why we need as much as we do (~1/3 of our lives is spent sleeping). If there wasn't a REASON for all that sleep, animals who are in danger in the wild would not sleep, for the sake of their own safety/protection. Those of us who believe in a Divine creator, cannot deny the logic of the statements spoken--sleep has critically important purpose written into our genetic code from the beginning of time.

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