Monday, April 07, 2008

Lend Lease

Comments from a Guest Writer...Logan's dear ole Dad:

Logan has learned how to play chess and every day he asks to play, sometimes two or three times. On the game shelves he recently discovered some small plastic playing pieces of WWII vehicles and became fascinated about the game they were used for. These small models belong to Milton Bradley's Axis and Allies, an age 12 and up game that can best be described as a very complex version of Risk.

He kept insisting that he wanted to learn to play it, so we took it down and we set up pieces for just two countries, Japan and the United States. I showed him how to buy new units like aircraft carriers, fighters and infantry, move forces, and set up units on the combat calculation board.

On our third learning game, Logan decided to buy several aircraft carriers at once and he had them moving all around the world. I told him that to be effective the carriers needed fighters to project force. He didn't have any money left, but did have a carrier off the coast of India. He said, "Well, the Indians are right there. Can they give us fighters?" I told him no, the Indians weren't involved in our conflict and wouldn't lend him any weaponry. He kept insisting that since he was fighting the bad guys, the Indian government should loan him some fighters. Finally I relented and told him that the Indians had agreed and were flying two fighter squadrons out to his carrier. I put two units on his carrier in a different color than our forces.

A turn later I had assembled a lethal pack of subs to take out his carrier with the Indian fighters onboard. As we put the pieces on the combat board he said, "Well, it's a good thing those fighters belong to the Indians!"

Much to my surprise and the relief of the Indian government, my attack was unsuccessful and Logan's carrier continued fighting on.

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