Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play Ball!

Well, the season has begun! Our son's first "season" of any sport.

Opening Day:
Parade & rally of at least 1500 people at Reston Town Center

He is now, officially, a T-Ball Little League player!! YAY!!!

We were astounded at all the Lookouts' plays on Saturday--all the boys did so well.

Practicing Throwing from lisandrea on Vimeo.

Logan's three hits surprised Tom & me--strong, and long.

First Hit: a Home Run!! from lisandrea on Vimeo.

I only got the first on video--the other two were even better.

We noticed that for all the players the first inning (of three) was a practice round; the second two innings were the game.

Logan as catcher:

Here, Logan tags out THREE players from the Rockhounds! What a day.

And they're outta there! from lisandrea on Vimeo.

Score is not kept in T-Ball, so EVERYONE WON! I totally agree with that in this first year. They are learning. Each game is a chance to get used to running, catching, hitting, playing as a team, and enduring the changes of innings, players, etc.

There was energy in the air & a lot of excitement. One girl on the other team (Rockhounds) had a minor injury (fell on the way to 3rd base), but other than that it was nothing but sheer joy.

Here are some photos & video. I love Spring!

Teagan at the parade with Daddy & as cheerleader at the game:

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