Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today for my SON!! He is five.

And as he turned five today I remembered more things I am thankful

1) at-home pregnancy tests in a box for under $15
2) wonderful secrets kept from important people until just the right moment
3) progesterone shots in the heineken!
4) hot tubs for labor
5) kind, gentle, even-keeled, smart midwives!
6) marriage, and the four parenting hands it means
7) bone marrow biopsies
8) amazing stitch glue that almost hides a scar
9) our family's prayers
10) training wheels
11) the printing press
12) firemen who know how to enter a locked car without breaking anything
13) gorilla glue
14) the Toys For Tots Marines' mission to protect lost children
15) monitors, nurses, ultrasound technology, X-rays, and the like
16) a neighbor, ready at 6 AM to help out
17) angels, who seem to be tasked with watching out for eyes, in particular

Logan has had a few near-misses in his five short years...and we haven't had a break on the baseball field, yet, so I know we're doing just fine, despite his blue color at birth, the fact that I almost lost him in vitro, that his dad almost lost him at the mall, his leukemia scare, the knock against his toddler bed that broke open his eyebrow, the direct collision with a wall that awarded him a lifelong heart-shaped scar on his cheek, the head-to-head with his buddy Luke exactly one year ago, the morning he peed on the electrical UPS plugs, the time he fell onto a stick which poked him in the eye, or the time he ran straight into a metal sign at the grocery store, the afternoon he locked his sister in the car with my keys, the day, just a couple weeks ago, when he was almost hit by a car... Well, at that count over five years, we're averaging about 3 major situations per year...and I know I am forgetting many...

So, today I am especially thankful that I could look my beautiful, beautiful boy in the face, and cause him to smile wide by waking him with, "Good morning! Happy Birthday! I am so glad you were born! I am so glad you are ALIVE!!"

~One grateful momma

p.s. 5 years ago, April 17th just happened to also be a Thursday. I love Thursdays.


Cate Sia said...

And thank you for putting it in perspective, reminding me how thankful I am (or should be) everyday, and how many gracious moments we have ahead.

Jen S. said...

That is still what I refer to when Luke has trouble remembering Logan. (He has had a lot of little friends move away, and sometimes gets them mixed up.) "You remember, you bonked heads with him under the parachute at his birthday party!" "Oh yeah..."

Hope he had an injury-free birthday this year!

ModMomMuse said...


Logan is the same way--he remembers Nicholas & Alex, since we spent more time with them than anyone, and I can jog his memory about the Bustetters pretty quickly, but he doesn't remember Kellin, who moved to TN, or so many others without my pulling out photos. Amazing that they are old enough now to start forgetting people--I've always been curious about that--when did I begin to forget aspects of my childhood?

For Logan, it was the blackberry picking & snakeskin you found that help bring Luke back to mind...oh, yes, and the head-butt!

I've been thinking of you & hope your feeling GREAT and getting ready for that expanding family! Eager to hear your news when the time comes! (Then, maybe we can visit VA Beach this summer & reacquaint Lo with all his former playmates, and meet your little girl!).