Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dirty pants...

"Ew! I smell like...sewage!"

There he goes again. Knowing & applying his vocabulary so precisely.

We had just taken a precious mother/son walk while Grandma babysat our sleeping Sweet Tea: Logan on his bike whizzing ahead of me as I considered this my first day of marathon training. Jog a bit. Fast walk. Jog a bit. Fast walk. That is a recommended starting point, so why not call it official?

I jumped on his little bike to take on the steep hill--and then I walked as he rode, and discovered five four-leaf clovers in separate patches, tucking them into my pocket to pass to my mother-in-law later. We shared a joyous love of the day. The sky was heavily overcast and an occasional raindrop reminded me that we were taking a risk by traveling so far from home before a storm. But the torrents are only falling now--six hours later--so it is a risk I am glad we took.

The paved trails behind our community are so inviting--exercise is natural here. Logan and I maneuvered through the now-familiar paths to see new growth everywhere. Cardinals, the bird of the Commonwealth, greeted us as perfect hosts and hostesses.

Then we came to the river, where short pile-ons jut up slightly for a quick hop-across. We typically prefer running through the shallow crossing of water. This time, though, we pushed the bike as a team, and jumped from one concrete cylinder to the next until we came to the second river crossing.

I turned the handlebars of Logan's bicycle to park it, as I ventured along the bank to try in search of the frogs that had serenaded us so loudly in March. He followed me, though I do not know what he was seeking other than adventure. This is what I have always hoped for my children--a natural connection to the earth! His sneakers had gotten slightly damp, and I asked him if he could please just avoid getting them muddy. It was in the high 60's--not too warm, but comfortable--and we were a good mile from home.

His shoes went from damp to wet. Then his socks were soaked. He was leaping from one little stoney island to another, narrating his own experiences to the wind, and my overhearing.

Logan leaps across another rock and lands in the river. He is soaked. He passes his mom again, "Hi, Mommy," he says...

And so the half hour passed--with me observing my son and soaking up his character; him existing fully as a five-year-old human being. We were 100% in that moment.

His legs were wet, his shorts were dripping. He smiled from ear-to-ear. I didn't want to ever lose what we were sharing--though I knew we would have to return to the house and the responsibilities of food preparation, my income-earning job, cleaning up for the night, and now, laundry to boot!

Since Logan was so wet, he walked as I hopped on his bike at the top of the hill and let myself glide wildly through the shallow water where the river crossed the path--I stuck my legs out to each side and flew! The water sprayed up behind me as I knew it would--and my white pants got their share of muddy river spew.

Logan! Take a shot of me riding your bike! I invited. He did.


What a simpleton I am!

Well, let's review: White pants, spraying river water, seated on bike. Oh. No, no, no. This isn't really one for the it?

So, when Logan grimaced my way with his comment about smelling like sewage we laughed heartily, because I LOOKED like sewage!!

I held my shirt down as far as possible for the rest of the walk back to the house--even as we passed three runners and one man walking his dog. From behind it certainly looked as though I had experienced the most embarrassing of accidents. What is more embarrassing? Sharing it here with you!


Jess said...

What fun memories :)

ModMomMuse said...

Jessica--thanks for reading! You say fun, I say, good thing no one I knew & was trying to impress walked embarrassing!! ;-}

BTW--Tom saw your recent video on the blog & told me to check it out--he was ROTFLOL. I'm going there now. ;-D

Nicole Marie said...

Oh what a wonderful day :)

ModMomMuse said...

Thank you for stopping by, Nicole!