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The Innerview: My First Bleme (=blog meme =web-log meme)

From the longtime CBN reporter/producer/author/music industry insider/former DJ, Scott Ross' blog:

"The 'innerview' word comes from an actor I was interviewing years ago and at the end of the interview, he wept and then said, 'You don’t do interviews Scott, you just conducted an innerview of me.'

An Innerview of You
By Scott Ross

Scott gave me permission to use his Innerview questions as a bleme. Here are my responses:

“When you get everything you want, will you have everything you need?”
Isn't this an important question for us all to ask ourselves, say, every January 1st? Or, shall it be early December, before the materialism of an American Christmas hits? In truth, I have everything I need already, don't I? I do purposefully avoid entering tempting environments (malls, the next door neighborhood), where I might be enticed by what is bigger & better. What is success? Does it mean a large home, pressed linen dresses, and a shining car? By no means. Well-adjusted children who know & serve Christ, a healthy & developing marriage, and being an active member of the community. To me, this is all we need.

“Where do you go from the highest?”
I remember returning from touring with The Continental Singers--I had never been so spiritually high, and those months saved me from myself, as I was spiraling downwards in depression from some painful recent losses in my life. I'd been to South Korea, and sung in open-air concerts in Singapore! I'd been in daily Bible Study with other young adults, and worshipped God actively and outwardly for 100 days. Where does one go from there? Well, unfortunately for me, the months that followed ended up being some of my darkest. It is CRITICAL, when we have reached the pinnacle of a spiritual high, to get grounded with others who will hold us to our standard, and understand the difficulty of being separated from heaven! Days after big highs, I tend to want, only, to rest. Nap. Slow down!

“Why do we attempt to sell that which we were given free?”
This is one of my pet peeves. I posted about it during last year's Christmas season. Christians often seem less-than-content sharing faith in authentic real-living day-to-day experiences. We have this horrendous habit of yelling at people about Jesus. Only, he wasn't known for yelling...he spoke in subtleties that helped those around him THINK on their own. Their intellectual selves were confronted with his spiritual truths, and he didn't have to commercialize the message: the discord in their souls had to be resolved, and in their private moments they came to Jesus' side.

I got an Oriental Trading catalog in the mail recently--Jesus is on everything from stress balls and paddleballs to baseball caps and bubble jars. We have cheapened the very name of Christ at every conceivable opportunity. This is one certain reason why my husband and I have felt repulsed by the Evangelical Church. Evangelism at any cost...even at the cost of God's NAME! Shall we all consider a return to...AWE!? Respect? Honoring the name of our CREATOR!?

“How do the poor pay?”
In America? The poor are slaughtered through indifference, judgment, poorly designed tax codes, snobbery, and politics. Oh, and the state-sanctioned lottery systems, that prey on the desperate, and pay unevenly and unjustly.

“What comes out of you, when the pressure comes on you?
Sadly, I keep a whole blog dedicated to that very question...

“Do you react, or respond?” I said above...I'm working on that. I'm a reactor...need to be more responsive. Especially with my family!

“If you knew you were going to die for someone, how would live toward them?”
This is an outstanding question--I imagine, if I knew I would die for one of my children (let's say, in some sort of organ donation risk, laying across a railroad track to push them out of harm's way, or in giving birth...), I imagine I would want to soak in every moment I had with them to let them know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that I had taken on that risk willingly, and with the deepest imaginable love! I would give all the way up to the final sacrifice. At least, I hope this is how I'd behave. I am not always meeting my greatest expectations of myself!!

“Are we helping people or leaving them helpless?”
As a nation? As a culture? I think we're getting dangerously close to discussing a country-splitting political question, here. The blues & reds in America might each respectively give themselves thumbs-up, while sneering at the opposite side. I think we leave too many people helpless...sometimes even by helping them (enabling)! A tricky rhetoric,'s all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

“Do you live according to trends or truth?”
Truth. Really!

“How can you hear the sound of a different drummer if you are not listening?”
You cannot.

“Do we barter the truth for trifles?”
Read above, re: cheapening the name of the One who calls Himself, "I AM."

“Is there a contradiction between my outward actions and my inner intentions?”
Always. As there was with Peter, with Paul, with any and all of those who walked close enough to Jesus to share food with him and touch his cloak. We are fallible every day--and this, in fact, proves what Christ taught us--that none of us in perfect, no not one! We all need a Savior, because we can NEVER match our inner intentions to our outward actions consistently to be perfect, and only Perfection is allowable in the presence of the Almighty God.

“How can we presume to teach the next generation if we don’t choose to remember we were once like them?”
Well, we need to remind ourselves of the beauty of discovery--and stop expecting adult behaviors from children. We need to be unabashed in our love of children's embracing natures. We ought to consider our best moments of childhood and what they felt like, and try to help our children find places and experiences that give them the same freedoms to explore and learn on their own! [BIAS: I am an unschooling parent...]

“Have you ever done as you like, and then afterward, didn’t like what you had done?”
Absolutely. It is so important to CONSIDER OTHERS in our every action. I think CONSIDERATION is missing, in large part, from our culture!

“If your next act were your last—what would it be?”
Get off this damned computer and go tickle my kids until I expire.

“In attempting to attain success, (so called), were truth and integrity compromised?”
For many, yes.

“Are we in love with our own theologies, dogma, and opinions, or truth?"
Oh, yes, this is a guilty mark in the church. Being in love with theology/dogma & opinion has DIVIDED the House of God. Every minister thinks he has The Answer. Every denomination has been built on this--a tearing away, an independence from and a rebellion against what was, to form, develop & create new. God bless us, Everyone! How the Church needs forgiveness!!

“How do you live when no one is watching?”
Oh, I prefer if others watch. I am a much better parent & wife when the windows are open. I try to open them often, to give myself an accountability environment. Who wants the public to witness you losing your self-control? How I want, so much, to always exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit in every day, in every way. But, nope. The closed windows & doors give me too much freedom to fail. THANK GOD FOR HIS GRACE--sufficient for me!

“Like wheat, we appear to be bright and shining on the outside. But when we are crushed, what appears? Wheat or tare?”
Discussed. The chaff in me, for certain. Through more frequent daily encounters with the Word of God, I hope to get a better rubbish collection going in my heart. It takes Spiritual Practice to display wheat (berries/fruit). Discipline! I think of Mormons, who rise as a family to study together, or Muslims, who turn & prostrate themselves towards Mecca every single shall I shine the Light of the Lord to those who do not understand Jesus & His Holy Spirit as One with God, if I do not PRACTICE my faith as deeply? I am all about the ceremonies that help shape our souls into better wheat-producers.

“Are you living by Kingdom principles or by a generic American Christianity?” (Maybe neither)?
I'm TRYING, daily, to live by "Kingdom Principles." <--by the way, are these words in Scripture? Hmmmmmmmmmm.....
But, obviously, I don't win that battle every moment. "American Christianity" that is a fascinating topic, all by itself, isn't it?

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