Thursday, May 22, 2008

Magnificent Monday

We spent Monday in Baltimore at the wildly popular National Aquarium--it was mid-weekday, but the crowds equalled a weekend expectation (, "explosion!"). My children were engulfed by eager crowds of tweens, on field trips from at least Brooklyn to Baltimore. My 35-inch-tall daughter disappeared into the masses, as my mother & I tried to stay glued to her and my son. The mystical creatures of the deep were engrossing. Rays floated like flying carpets across a large pool, dodging each other fluidly to entertain all the onlookers; puffins begged to be given cardkey access to the exit; sharks loomed slowly around every wall of the five-story down ramp. The colors from fin to tail astounded us as evidence of God's creative genius. Of course we found Nemo, Dory, and their pals; we also found a nautilus in the dark, and an expansive view of the inner harbor. From that view, our next journey was determined--a submarine tour! My children were so pleased to have their grandmother all to themselves, with Mommy along for the ride. The weather was gorgeous, so our windy walk from one building across bridges to another building was as glorious as the time in the misty mock rain forest.

Logan had a submarine tour, and then the four of us made our way through one narrow door after another in the belly of a Coast Guard ship that had survived the Pearl Harbor attack of December 7, 1941. Logan loved the Torsk sub tour (glaring shark-face & teeth painted aft, and all); he was underimpressed by the cutter, Taney. He continued saying, within the Pearl Harbor veteran, "This is not interesting." I guess not, compared to his first time in a submarine, only 20 minutes prior! I felt embarrassed for the ship!

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen cherried the top of the day (literally, as Logan enjoyed an ice cream sundae, fully decked out). Teagan fell asleep with a slice of Hawaiian pizza in her hand, and then we wended our way through evening traffic back to Northern Virginia.

The wonder of childhood! What else could we have done with our day that could have been more educational? More memorable? More lasting?

O! Magnificent Monday!

Only to be topped by WEDNESDAY'S National Zoo tour!

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