Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yesterday, 5/5/08, my daughter wore little undies all day. No dipes! She is so very happy with herself--and is doing well even when we go out & about (yesterday included a two-hour doctor's appointment and a two-hour grocery trip!). No oops! It's official. She's a Big Girl at 29 months on the dot!

Then, today, 5/6/08, my son asked me, "Mommy, does Santa really essist?" [SIC] Then, a couple follow-up questions: "And, do reindeers really fly?" [SIC]

"Those are some big questions for the month of May, Son. Why are you asking these things now?"

"Just answer the question, Mom. Do reindeers really fly?"

"Do you think reindeer can fly?"


"Is that all you want to know?"

"No. I want to know why Santa has to come down a chimney. And...do elves really essist?"

"Don't you believe in things magical, Logan?"

I reminded him that I have always told him the truth about Saint Nicholas--that he was a real man who lived in real time and truly gave gifts and sweets to children a long time ago...

He wasn't satisfied. At age 5 and only 2 weeks, my son has decided he is too smart to believe in such nonsense. I didn't ever try to fake him out on the Easter Bunny last month...

"Where do you think the things from Santa come from, then, Son?"

"From the delivery truck!" he answered, and then laughed and laughed!

These days go by so quickly. No longer the little babies I could hold over one shoulder and softly sing to sleep.

Not believe in Santa!? Ugh.

Time to watch Miracle on 34th Street, I guess...

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