Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Bangs Pentagon!

We have a computer safety program on the Mac downstairs called Baby Banger. Once it is open it is locked on until a parent hits several keys at once, which are hard for little ones to know/remember/hit simultaneously. For my curious preschooler, who is focused on discovering what is in every drawer/purse/cabinet in our house, this is an essential tool. As she types on the keyboard, a randomized set of colored shapes come up on screen, preventing her from accidentally opening an Internet browser, or erasing a file on the desktop. Kinda memorizing, actually. A bright-lady-voice calls out from the speakers, "Red Oval. Blue Triangle. Green Circle," as shapes pop up all over a white full screen.

This morning, Teagan heard, "Pink Pentagon."

She got so excited, and turned to me (in the kitchen) to say, as she pointed to the monitor, "We been there. Pentagon! Mommy, see? Pentagon! We goed there!"

So...there was MORE to our Pentagon tour for Teagan than there was for us, in the end. It is pretty unusual for a 2 1/2 year old to be scurried through long corridors by men in uniform for 45 minutes, afterall, so it apparently stood out for her as much as our Easter Egg Roll experience at the White House in March (about which she still wants to inform everyone, "Me went Easter House. Me not scared of rabbits." By rabbits, she means full-sized men or women in rabbit costumes--so perhaps she had a moment's fear, which she quickly managed...thus her proud declaration that she was NOT afraid!).

Since I had printed supplemental materials for the Pentagon tour, to include an aerial shot of the building, Teagan understood that those corridors we ran through were within a building known as the "pentagon," and that this shape on the screen is the same shape & name!

Ooooh, that was fun for me to witness! Her little epiphany!

If reading the title of this post, Teagan would be sure to tell me, "No! Me not baby! Me Teagan! Me Big Girl. Me getteen bigguh, bigguh, bigguh!" And she'd raise her hands up high to show her physical progress--growing into a big girl.

That she is.

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