Friday, June 27, 2008

Life's Pepper

My daughter, two-and-a-half years old, sees the little things. On Saturday night I found myself quite grateful for this ability, when she pointed to the back of my knee and declared, "Something on you knee, Mommy." I twisted & strained to get a glimpse of my kneepit, where, sho' nuff, there was something smallish on me. I tried to wipe it away--perhaps a sesame seed, or one of the seeds from the Venus Flytraps we planted over the weekend. I might have sat on a stray one at the dining room table. Only, that little seed did not intend to be brushed away, since it wanted, instead, to stay awhile.

Oh, yes. It was a tick. Not just any ole Southern tick, mind you. This was a miniature green seed-sized bugger. The Famous Black Legged Tick. When we lived in Connecticut we knew it by its infamous name, Deer Tick.

Sunday morning meant a quick dash to Urgent Care to have my bite & the mighty mite evaluated. Still no symptoms of Lyme's Disease on me (no bull's eye rash, for example). My red mark faded quite quickly. We'd gotten the pest so quickly after he'd taken a bite, that he didn't get a chance to poison me. Or at least, that's what we know so far. I was given a heavy-duty antibiotic (two horse pills taken at once, and that's it). The tick's demise? He was examined in a lab somewhere--and I have yet to hear the results--I take that as a good sign.

Little things.

I opened the freezer for a little sumpin' sumpin' on Sunday afternoon. Looked like it might have been left open for a while, because the ice cubes were liquid. When Tom got home, I asked him if he might have been the last one in. He didn't recall, but we went about normal life. The freezer isn't opened a quarter as often as the fridge, so we didn't realize the ice cube trays continued to only hold liquid as the hours wore on. When I opened it again, all four pints of frozen dessert (sorbet, soy delicious, ice cream) were slush. Two boxes of NEW Edy's fruit bars were suspended juice with a stick. Oh, no. This was no door-left-open. This was a broken freezer!

On Wednesday at noon my fridge and freezer were finally restored to us. In 48 hours we lost a lot of food--and it occurred to me that our empty fridge may be an opportunity for a fresh start!

Raw diet? Vegan diet? I told the kids, today, we are only eating God-food from now on. No manufactured bars. No form-poured snacks. Nothing that crumbles from having dried out. If it grows in the ground, if it hangs off a tree, if we pluck it off a bush, or if it swims in the sea, we'll eat it!

I want to go whole-household wheat-free, dairy-free & egg-free. In the thirteen years I've lived with diet restrictions, I have never enforced that my husband (or later my children) follow as strict a list as I have to. But I finally have clear hands, moist lips, and a more regular system all around. I want some changes in our diet that regulate my son's tempers, my daughter's eczema, and other health issues for our family. A clean sweep in the fridge seems to give total license to start from scratch, per se!

Little things. Little annoyances! The pepper of life.

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