Friday, August 01, 2008

KidsServe Works!

MOM: Wow, Kids! That's all your allowance!

(They shared in stuffing pennies in the paper bread box until every penny was gone from the glass jar, and the box bulged).

Logan:I don't care about my allowance. I care about kids in need.

MOM: That's fantastic, Logan. Great job!

Logan: Oh. And I have two toys that I told Daddy I want to give away...

(I go get the 5 trains he set aside)

Logan: Yep!

At church, he beelined to the KidsServe leader, and handed her the 5 trains, whispering to her that they were meant for children who don't have trains like these. He gave them willingly, confidently, and with no regret.


Michelle in Mx said...


ModMomMuse said...

Michelle, I am so honored that you continue to read this blog! Thanks for poking your head in, again. I appreciate you!

The rest of the story is...he followed through completely--he brought the trains right up to the woman who was leading the program, and told her he wanted them to go to other kids who need them. They happened to be the least-likely 5 I thought he'd give! Battery-operated with lights, even. It was an astounding moment in my son's spiritual development!!

Again, thank you!!