Friday, August 22, 2008

A Little Worship

My son doesn't transition all-too easily. This is most difficult when we are late for something. Last Sunday we were late to my parents' church, while on vacation in Michigan. Next time I'll just go before the rest of the family is ready, to give him that extra advantage of arriving early to assess the situation, because it is critical to his emotional well-being. However, on Sunday he really wowed me.

We entered a large room, already filled with little people, sitting crisscross applesauce and staring up at a video monitor. I wasn't keen on video instruction, but I stood with Logan on the edge after we signed him in. He leaned into me, and took it all in. I had discussed with him, earlier, how I would help him ease into this new space (we were on vacation, visiting family 700+ miles from home), so I expected to hang out for a while.

Halfway through the first song, though, he turned to me and whispered,

"You only have to stay with me for one song, Mom. You can go ahead to big church. You need to worship, too."

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