Saturday, September 13, 2008

Falling Water

Last Saturday my kids enjoyed dancing in the water until their bones were almost as wrinkled as their raisin fingers & pruney toes. The torrential downpour for us meant hurricane winds in the Carolinas, and that is the best rain in the world! Steady, heavy, and free of lightening. Even though the wind was strong, it wasn't dangerous. The two of them were flooded with childhood glee as they pulled out our garden hose & rags to "carwash" their trikes and ride-on toys (as if we needed more water!).

They brought their new umbrellas out for a bit, too. I observed from the front step, ashamed at my overly adult/mature response to this day. I should have been barefoot and dancing with them! There was a time when I devoted myself to that kind of play whenever possible. I was a nanny, and I was employed to make as big a fool out of myself as possible every day. The kids loved me, and I loved my job. Motherhood brings a heaviness to it, which occasionally does not fall away even with a long September rainstorm. Shameful, now that I think of it!

However, I must celebrate that my children seemed to be the only ones in the neighborhood whose mother encouraged them (heck! I threw them out the door!) to get as wet as possible. I put towels in the dryer, so when they'd finally had enough, I wrapped them in warm cotton cocoons and stripped their clothes off in the front hall.

I want to dance half naked in the rain! Why am I allowing my inhibitions to prevent me from finding giddiness within? How ought an almost-40-year-old-woman act in a downpour? As young as her children! Next time (God willing), I will, I will, I will!

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