Friday, October 10, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive!

What a sweet day, despite the hanging smell of burnt milk that remains in the house, (even after having left fans blowing air out all the open windows all day).

We arrived at co-op early (yay, early!) after the kids dressed on time, ate well, and cooperated with their parents in the morning routine. All three classes seemed to have energy and excitement about being together--which was a huge contrast to last week's doldrums (day after VP debate; we were all tired). After a great co-op day, I had one hour to accomplish two chores before meeting another mom & her kids for a playdate. Errand one: use as many under $1 coupons at Bloom as I could find (allowance=20, but I had only 9), since they're tripling coupons for the next three days. Annie's Mac & Cheese at $1.99 with tripled $.50 coupon cost me $.49!! Five bags of groceries for $50. Nice! Then a second quick errand--rescue my children's stuffed bunny puppet, which they left at the chiropractor's office. Quick. Run in, run out. Got to the playground early (yay, early!), and had a great hour and a half in PERFECT Fall weather before heading home to get Tom's news...

...a fantastic job offer! Solid salary, competitive benefits & skills he wants to acquire all wrapped up neatly just 10 miles from our house.

Kids got stars on their Accountable Kids charts, and each earned a date with a parent of their choosing. Kisses all around!!

Now, off to watch an AppleTV movie with my husband of 13 years. Yes, this day is better than the last. The floor may be falling out on Wall Street, but we feel blessed, today.


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