Thursday, October 09, 2008


Logan decided to reheat a slice of pizza while Daddy & I discussed our financial future, upstairs.

Suddenly, "Ow!"

I raced down to find that, yes, Logan had burned his hand. NOTE: he did not ask to use the toaster, so we did not know he was helping himself until we had to quickly hunt for aloe vera and cool cloths. He has one small blister on his left index finger from grabbing the metal tray. I'm sure he believed he was being careful--it's just a piece of missing information in his brain--METAL OBJECTS GET VERY HOT!

Tom threw two gorgeous, large salmon fillets on the grill tonight after I seasoned them--mmmm, they looked delicious!

Suddenly, "Oh no!"

Something in the base of the grill caught fire and was charring the underside of our precious meal! I had to cut away so much burnt flesh that we lost out significantly. CLEAN THE GRILL THIS WEEKEND!!

Sleepy kids asked for a glass of milk before bed. "Would you like that cold or warm?" I asked. My grandpa used to warm milk on the stove for me to help me sleep, and it worked wonders. With a big day ahead of us tomorrow, I thought I'd give it a try with my kids. As the milk warmed on a medium burner I finished cleaning up the kitchen, turned off all the lights downstairs, and headed up to do laundry.

Suddenly, "Something's burning!"


Black. Charred. Stinky. Painful.

And, Tom lost a fantastic (read: financial windfall) job today. We were considering joining him overseas for a position his old company had offered him in Kuwait, but the company didn't want to mess with the complication of his family being in Kuwait while he worked 12-hour days for a year, so they just called the next candidate. Ouch! That BURNS!!!!!!

I am REALLY praying that tomorrow is a fresher, cleaner, better-smelling day all around. A job offer would be nice. On paper. Clarified and spelled out. A really solid, well-paying offer. Oh, please!? I'm burned out.

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