Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nine Days, Connecticut

First time to see swans (visiting Flowers)!

Logan & Teagan:
First caramel apples (pictured: nine of the eleven children represented by the Wentland, Rudd & Flower families).

First time to fall into a leaf pile (at Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Wentland's house).

First time to rake a leaf pile!

Logan & Teagan:
First time to ride up the stairs on a chair!

First whirlpool bath (at Namma & Dampa's house).

Logan & Teagan:
First time in a professional model shop, (FX Models, where Daddy used to work with Marc)!

First time to feed a horse a carrot (Jessica's gorgeous Sander):

First time on an outdoor trampoline (Thanks, Mr. Roemke!).

Mommy, Logan & Teagan:
First time to choose pumpkins from an open field (@ "The Pickin' Patch").

First time to shoot a gun at a range, with live ammunition (we owe you, John!).

Logan & Teagan:
First time to hike to the top of Talcott Mountain and look all the way to the next state!

Logan & Teagan:
First time at the Queens Art Museum (here, viewing one of the largest architectural models in the world; a 3-D panorama of all 5 boroughs of NYC):

and, here, their first time to The 1964-65 World's Fair Unisphere!

First time to attend an oncology appointment with a friend (praying for you daily...).

Tom said, on Day Nine, "Wow, this will be a long blog entry!"

"Are you writing a blog?" I asked.

"No," he replied, "I don't have time for blogging."

Guess it's up to me! (as if I have more time than he...??)

Some people say you can never go home again. We did! It was a beautiful experience.

Not my first time... Any resemblance to the Governor of Alaska?

And, finally, the oldest headstone we could find in a Collinsville cemetery--buried in 1819 (or is that a worn away '49?)...

[& on that note...Happy Halloween!]


Jess said...

In some picts Teagan looks brown headed and in others she looks blonde...Isn't she brown headed?
And such long hair!! She's beautiful - they both are!!
I've been MIA for a while, but planning to keep in touch better!! Good to see you guys are doing well, Jessica

ModMomMuse said...

Jessica, great hearing from you! Teagan has that gorgeous head of hair you want to take into your beautician and say, "Give me that color!" It is both brown & blond--like mine was before I had babies...! HA HA!! (Well, OK, I lost the natural blond a bit before that, even, but God Bless the colorists who tried to help me retain it a while!). Now I'm yanking white strands! How about you? (Oh, crud, I am significantly older than you, aren't I? Forget it; you probably don't have any greys yet...).

XXOO to all your kiddos & Kevin!


ModMomMuse said...

p.s. Thanks for the compliments on the kids. ;-) We think they're hot stuff!! Yours are sweetpeas, too. Hope we can see them in person one of these days!!

XXOO again,

~me (still)

Jess said...

Ironically...I found a long gray hair on the top of my head the other day. I almost cried. The almost-tears were only because I'm so cheap I don't want to spend money at the beautician to dye my hair!
Would love to get together!
But we keep saying that! Maybe in Nov? If baby would just hurry up and come! Let's try to do something after I get settled with Baby in a few weeks.
:) Jessica