Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feverish Holiday Plans

Decades of warm hands around November's table
Firm hugs, and soft kisses
Candlelight and china
Linens and silver
Music played live from the upright
Settling into engulfing chairs and sofa
After The Stuffing

That was all that mattered
Shared faith
Grateful for abundant grace
Eyes met honestly
We cooked
We baked
We ate
Then cleaned

Open books across our laps
Fingers pointing to this
To that
Remember when?
Oh, yes, I do
Year after year
Building thankful together

(c) 2008


We have sickbeds made at our house tonight. Fevers, coughing, ear & headaches won't make for my favorite Thanksgiving Eve memories. This is November in Virginia. The original settlers fought illness, too; maybe we'll actually get a more true sense of early American life this way. We were supposed to drive 4 1/2 hours south to North Carolina this afternoon. Instead, we foraged for meal-like edibles, popped in library videos, and propped ourselves up with pillows and blankets. Everyone fell asleep very early. Once I awoke, and transferred our son into his bunk, I realized this might be my only free moment of the long weekend--"Hmmm...Think I'll enter a 5 Minutes for Mom blog challenge...."

For thirteen years my husband and I have pulled our Christmas ornaments out on Thanksgiving night. Tonight, however, the house is already decked out, since Logan & Tom got the Christmas bug early (& Thanksgiving is "late"), as if we decided a week ago to skip over Thanksgiving. Tonight, with illness blanketing us all, I feel like we almost have! But, I am a homeschooler, and homeschoolers are I CAN people, and homeschoolers are researchers, and historians. Homeschoolers fight upstream, and never give up! So, without a turkey in the fridge...or, I mean, oven (already), and with no green bean casserole, or cranberry salad, I'm going to pull together all those go-getter, optimistic, resourceful skills, and Make It Happen, anyway! We have construction paper, little hands to trace, glue sticks, (which no one is ever shy about using UP), and creative imaginations. Tomorrow, despite our aches and complaints, we WILL have a memorable Thanksgiving, and we WILL take photos, and we WILL play games, and laugh, talk about the original pilgrims and indians, and pretend we are not at home, where every "family duty" calls us (ironically) away from family TIME!

(Listen to me, commanding all these WILLS...good grief. Even in illness, my Type A perfectionism shows through, doesn't it?)

Well, the first landers probably didn't eat turkey, anyway. They probably ate fish & oysters! But, I don't think my family's going to go for oysters, with headaches and fevers. If there is ANY turkey left on any grocery store shelf tomorrow morning, then that ole tryptophan will do us all a lotta good as we fight off these flu bugs--oh! And, turkey soup all week could be mighty fine, too! I have bunches of celery and carrots, already...what else do I need?

Hmmmmm. 24-hour shopping is looking pretty good right about now--at a quarter-past-midnight. Too bad I feel too bad to go out!

I'll report back, later, on how this delicious day unfolds itself. My hopes are high (almost as high as my son's fever!). But, oh! How I miss our Colonial Williamsburg Thanksgivings at my grandparents' home... this day always brings back memories of the traditional Norman Rockwell portrait--my grandfather at the head of the long table, carving tools in hand, as Grandma engaged us all in sharing and passing the rolls, sweet potatoes, and laughter. Will we find that kind of moment again, now that they are gone? Will future days mean traveling to see my parents (or their travel to us?), and building memories for my children of Thanksgivings with Namma and Dampa? Our family is too small. It keeps shrinking, instead of growing...

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Alexandra said...

I'm sorry to hear everyone is sick! We're all JUST getting over our colds. I'm ofcourse the last one still fighting off the wonderful germs. :(

Hope you still have a wonderful Thanksgiving!