Monday, December 29, 2008


I lived with Arlene then
Second floor corner
Rediscovering myself after loss

I thought I could patch together memories
From the 80's
For my parents to keep

I saved fabrics
From The Salvation Army bags
Measured a template square

Cutting was easy
Designing was a joy
Sewing was relaxing

I, the taker-on of too-large projects
Worked towards August
Towards their anniversary #10

When summer came
We all met at the beach--
I, with my new love and this patchwork--incomplete

As their 25th year was celebrated
I imagined laying the completed project
Across the guest bed

Calling Mom into the room
With some excuse
And pretending I didn't know it was there

But I took on a different quilt, instead
A photographic quilt
Bound by Apple experts

That stitching-together of memories
Was well-received
And enjoyed by everyone at their party

Now, Christmas is finally here
And I worked from August to December
To finally become a person who completes things

...Fifteen years in the making, and it's DONE!

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