Saturday, February 28, 2009

Given a Scare!

I was taking a hot bath tonight--sauna hot--but as I shaved my legs I heard knocking coming from underneath the tub. The washing machine was running, so I thought, at first, that there might be water draining through pipes running under the tub. When I tapped my razor on the tub, though, something knocked back...and it sounded intentional. I tapped three times, tap, tap, tap, and then I heard this triplet pattern followed by a quarter note, like a drum corps cadence.

Frankly, I was starting to freak out a bit, so I called Tom in--asked him to turn off the washer and listen with me. He heard the knocking, too, but looked at me blandly and scoffed at it being anything to concern myself about. I cannot believe that these next words escaped my lip in any seriousness, but I said to him, "What if someone's in trouble? What if someone needs help?"

"Like who?," Tom wanted to know.

"Maybe a neighbor? Maybe someone's knocking on the plumbing from somewhere?," I petitioned.

Or, could it be a haunting of some sort? (What fantastic concepts I had rolling around in my noggin!) I could not determine how this knock, knock, knock sound was resonating so loudly in my very personal space!

Once the washing machine was turned off I tapped the tub again, and the water around me reflected my movement and sound as I heard the Poe-esque repeat, like a scene from The Tell Tale Heart...then I turned to look in the tub, and there it was! Floating behind me, bobbing up and down to hit the bottom of the shampoo bottle, 3/4 full. As I moved water in the tub, the waves moved the bottle!

Tom rose, amused at my irrational fear, and I sunk a bit deeper into the bubble bath. How that cleaner gave me a scare!

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