Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So I don't forget it...

...Logan, in his artfully poetic way, just summed up his tummy bug best with,

"I need to get some electrons in my body to get this hurricane through here."

He meant electrolytes, as I'd just given him a natural Gatorade-type beverage to sip.

"Hurricane" is a good description of what's happened in his, Tom's, Teagan's & my tummies over the past 72 hours! And, when the neighborhood kids dropped by after school today for warm shelter until someone arrived at their house, I used that word as an apology. Leave two unsupervised children for a few hours while Mommy & Daddy try to sleep off the cruds, and yep, it looks like a hurricane hit.

The kids are sleeping now. Hope tomorrow is clear skies and sunshine.

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