Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Giving Up More...

Wednesday March 11th: full moon. Two days before Friday the 13th. Am I superstitious? Well, um, no...but Good Grief what a day we had!

My son hauled off and hit one of his dear friends today.

Then I pulled too tightly in front of one of my friend's parked car, scraping up its side deeply enough that you can read each of our cars to tell what color the other is.

Then my husband slammed his left index finger into the locked driver door of my car.

Oh, and then, on their way north on 95, my parents got stuck in a 2 1/2 hour traffic jam because a semi on the highway had caught fire from inside the cargo it was hauling...causing them to arrive far later than we had all planned, and changing our evening plans to pass Logan off to them for an overnight adventure.

I'd call that a high-impact day, wouldn't you?

Why did Logan hit his buddy? Well, his friend was trying to connect with Logan over politics, apparently, and said, "Obama is a stupid-head." Logan clearly understands the biblical stories of the Egyptian Pharoah killing Hebrew baby boys, from which Moses was spared; and King Herod doing the same, from which Jesus was spared. He knows that the reason President Obama did not have his father's or my vote is because Mr. Obama allows people to kill babies in America before they are born. This upsets my son, and he was very angry that we even watched the inauguration. My mom & I explained to Logan that regardless of our personal feelings about the election, our stance on the abortion issue, or our disappointment that a pro-choice President is in office, that we fully comprehend the historic significance of his election, and that we will always honor and respect whomever is elected United States President. So, when his pal called our President a name, Logan defended Obama by slamming his fist onto Z's back--hard!--and firmly saying, "That's enough of that!" I think he may have envisioned himself a judge, throwing down the gavel--only he threw it down on flesh and bones, for crying out loud!

Crying out loud is exactly what followed--for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Logan apologized, made sure he was forgiven, and a couple hours later the two were laughing it up as they wrote a song together off-the-cuff. The song was about butterflies! That's about as far from fisticuffs as a boy can get. I'd say they made up. But, are you kidding? HITTING his friend?? I was very unhappy--embarrassed, and disappointed.

And, here's the bizarre deal with my car accident--I hit my friend's car on the side (as I mentioned), got out to inspect the damage, apologize and discuss insurance, when the man who was pulling into the parking space behind her rear-ended her bumper! Double jeopardy.

About Tom's situation: he had already locked the car, was cautioning the children to watch for parking lot traffic at the grocery store, had his left hand on the door jam and used his right hand to push the door firmly closed. He could not pull his finger out without unlocking & opening the door, but Logan was freaking out because his dad was screaming in pain, and no stranger stopped to help, so Tom had to reach across his body to retrieve the keys from his pocket & open the door. His finger was flattened, and looked atrocious! X-rays an hour later showed that, miraculously, he had no broken bones! No stitches needed!

Now, I have to go to bed because I'm quitting more things--this day seemed like a message to me--SLOW DOWN EVEN MORE! It's 11--that makes it bedtime. One more thing to give up? National Blogging Monthly whatever that's called...

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