Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nine Easy Pieces Rules

Oo, oo, oo! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!

Before I lay my head on the pillow, I have to put a plug in for the amazing Grammar Girl!! Her post today was so relevant to this blog party that I just had to pass it forward.

Please check it out!

Next year, I'll do a good giveaway, and I'll follow the Nine Simple Rules of Grammar Girl to determine a winner. Oo! Is that in the 5 Minutes for Mom rules? I'll have to check. In the meantime, I better get to makin' stuff!

>>insert cheesy grin here<<<


Laura Lee said...

Love this link!! I've yet to find a audio-blog, and with such a snarky hostess at that!! C-u-t-e.

jotter said...

Great post! It's been a long time since I visited the Grammer Girl site (probably, too long he-he!) - good stuff.

I enjoyed visiting your site today. I used to live in neighboring HERNDON, attended Herndon High School - small world!

I'm having so much fun visiting all the blog's participating in UBP 2009. I hope to make some new online friends, too!

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jotter said...

Sorry - Correction: #23