Sunday, March 08, 2009

Somebody, give that boy some REAL friends!

My son was playing on Friday with three neighborhood boys, his sister & a little girl. This is the same group (give or take a few) which he "socializes with" many times weekly. I have these children in my home for arts/crafts projects, cooking/baking, playing games, etc., and a couple of them have even attended church with us and come to homeschooling game days with us, so let's just say we know each other VERY well!

William, the 8-year-old, who is just too cool for his Air Jordans & reversible Nike shirt, has a little crush on me. I pretend I don't know, but his mother & I have discussed it (it's cutely obvious to the adult onlooker).

He was hanging out on my lawn Friday late afternoon, after I had called my kiddos in for dinner, and asked me, "Miss Lisa, when is Logan going to go to school?"

"I don't know, William. Maybe never."

"Yeah, but I mean, like, Middle School, right?"

"No. I don't think so. We'll see, but no...I don't think so."

"OK, but then, high school, right? I mean..."

"Well, William, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm not sure. I think Logan will stay with me for most of his schooling; maybe all."

Then, here's the quotation-keeper, guys, "Yeah, but I think it would be good for Logan to be around real kids."

I laughed out loud. If I'd been drinking Coke I would have been in pain--you know, the whole bubbles in the nose thing...?

"William! Aren't you a 'real kid?'"

"Yeah. But I mean..."

"And, don't we spend hours every week with you, and (__insert names of other kids here__)?"

"Yeah...but..." (he now has a little bit of a bashful grin on his face...)

"Well, William, what do you think we do from 8 to 4, while you are at school all day? Do you think we sit in this house & just wait for you guys to come home?"


"And, so, when you came to Logan's birthday party last year, did you know all those kids who were there?" <--note: it was a way-too-big crowd...


"Where do you think they came from? Those are real kids, kiddo."

I think he meant, um, maybe, "NORMAL!!"

(I won't get into how "abnormal" households are in this neighborhood & the rest of America these days...but then, again, what is "normal" any more?)

REAL KIDS!! I love it!

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