Monday, May 04, 2009

Can't get the lead out...

Lately, I've been turning beautiful phrases over in my head as I fall asleep at night. Trouble is, they fade in the night, so I have not been able to transfer my recent "musings" onto either paper (also known as my journal), nor this good ole web log.

Thinking almost constantly about:
*where do the socks go?
*my homeschool commitments and struggles
*how pregnancy backs up my system
*when will be the right time to buy (as in, HOUSE!)?

I want to write about all of these things--a new post on each! But, where will I find the time? Not tonight. Have work calls to make (probably 5!). Not tomorrow. I'll have work writing to do--following up on those calls. Wednesday repeats tonight; Thursday repeats Tuesday...

Maybe I'll get back to the blog on 11 PM...before the auto shut-off I set on my computer prevents me from staying up too late (it can, sadly, be it is only a reminder of the time on many nights).

Until then (whenever that may be),

See ya!

p.s. I am also writing now for "My Friend Debbie," an inspirational online woman's magazine. Loving the opportunity & exposure! Hope you find it fun!

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