Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't like it? Just skip it!

Teagan crawled in first. She does every morning. She complained of being cold, and curled up to steal my heat. I am a giver--it's fine with me!

Logan joined about 20 minutes later. He also had that wonderful morning warmth, so we all bundled up under my comforter, and I asked them how they slept. Had they had any dreams?

Teagan's answer to me:

"Yes, I had a dream about a snake--but I didn't like that dream, so I skipped it."

Skipped it? What a marvelous idea! She went on:

"The snake was trying to give me poison, but I didn't like that, so I just opened my eyes up, thought of another dream and closed my eyes again."

That is some amazing subconscious control! My husband thought the story hysterical when I recalled it to him. Here's why I appreciate it so much--it's pure Teagan.

My water broke on the morning of her birth just seconds after my mom sneezed, waking us both. It was a weird experience. Intense contractions began immediately, and we got our act together and darted for the midwifery center. Teagan was born 35 minutes later because she was ready whether we were or not! She was about 2 weeks ahead of our "due date," but she seemed to be born to nurse, and just had to kick her way out ASAP, because she was hungry!

When she was apart from me very briefly in the nursery, awaiting the pediatrician's little physical, my girl let out some serious hollering! I called to her, through the glass, "You go, Teagan! Tell them you were just born and you do NOT like being apart from your mother! Advocate for yourself, little one!"

I had only known her for a few hours, but I saw her as a righteous protestor, and advocate for herself. This is true of her today. Even in her dreams she determines if she does not like the direction something is going, and she chooses a different path.

May this determination and discernment be hers for a lifetime. Wow. What an amazing little bird!

Here, Teagan writes on one of four homemade Mother's Day collage cards--she is working on writing all the letters of her name, and insisted on drawing a frame around them, too. The card she drew for me has her first portrait--of MOM! ;-) It's adorable.


Robynn's Ravings said...

Maybe you should have named her Deborah! LOL She sounds like she could lead the army into battle!

Jen said...

Several of mine have claimed to be able to "change the channel" on their dreams.

lauri said...

Love the story & the picture of Tea - sure wish I'd had her snuggle all warm and cozy into bed with me this morning!

ModMomMuse said...

Thanks, Mom, I'm sure she'd love to, too! ;-)