Monday, May 04, 2009

I won! I won!!

At the time it happened I couldn't exactly TELL you all, as I had not yet announced my pregnancy to family, let alone the blogosphere, but I wanted to report that I actually WON something (& pretty big, too, from Madre Gear) through the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party 2009! BIG GRINS!!

I got this super cool georgie maternity t-shirt for this lady named LISA who is expecting a baby!! Yeah, Mona Lisa/mama lisa. Sweet. Perfect!


I also got to pick out something else to equal my total win of fifty U.S. dollars(!), so I bought a maternity bra, of course! If I had known then (on March 31st, when I won the gift certificate) that I would NOT find any casual maternity clothes packed away anywhere in my house, I might have skipped the bra and gone for another fun piece of clothing...but...that was before the Big Fruitless Dig (& later discovery that I'd returned the items to my dear friend from whom I'd borrowed them three/four years ago...who proceeded to have her third son & then never wanted to see the clothes again, so generously passed them onto others..).

Ah, well. I am better outfitted with a practical bra & a totally impractical, but delightfully fun tight t-shirt. Yum! Pregnancy is cool!!

THANK YOU, Laurie, at Madre Gear!

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Laurie @ Madre Gear said...

Congratulations again! Thank you for posting this. I am so glad that you were able to find something you loved. I think the mama lisa shirt was perfect for you, I love that you chose that tee! Anyway, I hope you are nice and comfy in your new gear! Congratulations on your pregnancy, Lisandrea!