Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our Boy's Been Published!

My mother & I talk frequently about Logan's strengths. His storytelling capabilities present themselves as dominant. He is a creative writer, with big ideas & amazing detail. He can maintain focus in a humorous or intricate tale for much longer than his age group's supposed "attention span" would deem "normal." His writing is astounding, so he dictates to me & I enter his words into a keepsake journal.

When he was four, Logan wrote a poem that made me laugh. I loved that he understood the humor of his own words, and thought the piece was nice enough to share. We emailed a submission to Highlights Magazine on 12/19/2007. That was 15 months ago!

I got a manilla envelope in the mail on Thursday, addressed to Logan, from Highlights. Inside were two mint copies of June 2009's edition. I was confused, as no note accompanied the package, but I handed each of my children one to read as we drove to an errand. About 20 minutes later, as I was contemplating why we had received two copies of the same issue, specially wrapped, when we are subscribers and typically get one with a label slapped on the back, it struck me! I bet he's been published!!!

I rapidly flipped to the first child-submitted pages--Jokes--on p. 15. Logan's was not a joke. Moving on. Pages 18 & 19: artwork related to a specific request for images about windows. Nope. Not ours. Could there be more? Next page. Q&A. Again, not Logan's. Page 31. Tongue twisters. Nope. Flip again, and on page 32...LOGAN!!!

Your Own Page
p. 32
Highlights, June 2009

Shoes go on the feet
for walking in the desert
or on the street.
Shoes are for walking
on the road
and for walking up steps
and down steps
and up steps
and down steps
and up steps
and down steps.

(c) Logan W*******, Age 4

YAY!!!! I called my dad immediately, as he is the one who buys Logan this subscription. Then I called to announce it to Mom & Dad V. We called Daddy. We told the neighborhood! He's been published!!!!

Now, we'll tuck that away till his first novel goes to print. Ha ha!

What a thrill for us all. AND, his is the youngest of all the submissions. COOL!


Robynn's Ravings said...

LOGAN!!! A man after my own heart!! Congratulations! Now THAT's a Mother's Day gift any mom could be proud of. :)

Jess said...

How amazing!! What an awesome keepsake for him!