Friday, May 29, 2009

Tads to Froglets!!

We started out with two buckets--one full of puddle water & one full of tadpoles, and converted a toy drawer into an aquarium.

I found so much online information about raising tadpoles--and more than three sites recommended boiling lettuce to feed the little guys. Ours loved it!

They also seemed to like eating algae they found on the edges of our tank.

I wrote into Logan's notebook that we'd counted 24 little tads! Added a couple rocks, and started our tragic 8-day journey that ended with a Mother's Day discovery of belly-up polliwogs.

Would we do it again? I was sad, and depressed, so I sought expert advice from naturalists who encouraged me to try again--our tads might have had a better chance of survival in our aquarium than they could have had in a puddle that is dependent on rainfall to last through their metamorphosis.

So, we returned to the shrinking puddle--and scooped up more.

Then went back, again, with friends, so they could join us in the adventure.

You'll find us down at the river at least once a week--and we often get really, really wet!

Our second batch was 14. ALL fourteen survived & turned to froglets, with the aid of direct sunlight, store-bought tadpole pellets, a live plant in the water and a bubbler to provide them with enough oxygen.


Now that we have supplies, we can tackle this project even better next year. Here's our photojournalistic report of the return to the pond (five other families took on this project with us--or, 5 adults and 13 kids from May 1 to May 29. COOL!):

Here are two videos from the beginning and end of the frog-rearing process:
Video One--revealing some of our family dialogue. Lovely. But, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Just watch the tads:

Untitled from lisandrea on Vimeo.

Video Two--Teagan (age 3) sweetly narrates a little description of what we see in the water just hours before our first release:

Froglets from lisandrea on Vimeo.

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