Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where our end became a new beginning...

We thought we were done raising frogs, today, when we brought a singleton (last with a slight tail) back to his originating pond...

...we brought a neighborhood friend, who was with us on our first capture. It wasn't until we were well along a muddy path that I realized how poorly shod she & my daughter were for the adventure:

Teagan got to be our "releaser" today. She was delicate & helped me find a little grassy area right next to the puddle to free the frogger.

What I had not anticipated, however, was that we'd go home with a new project all together!

We found puddles and puddles and puddles of eggs!

Whoa. Now a chance to observe from the very beginning. Fan-tas-tic!! We carried home a very small sample (might produce ~the same number of tadpoles we just raised). I am hoping they are the same breed. Can you look closely to see those dividing cells!?!? Whoa!

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